Golden Living nursing homes kill two in Minnesota.

This article from the Minnesota StarTribune describes two recent deaths at Golden Living facilities in Minnesota. One occurred after a resident’s prescription for a blood-thinner was given to the wrong person. The resident who went without the proper medication died of blood clots in the brain. The second death occurred when a resident was given ten-times the prescribed amount of morphine. State investigators concluded that Golden Living “was not monitoring the performance of the nurses and had not conducted annual medication competencies of the nurses.”

Golden Living, one of the nation’s largest for-profit nursing home chains, has had its share of troubles in the past. It should come as no surprise that errors such as these occur in a company where Pennsylvania nursing employees had to fight to earn $15 per hour. Given the tendency of for-profit nursing home chains to value profit over quality care (as noted in this article), private causes of action against these facilities are the main tool to deter abusive conduct.