More Bad News for Golden Living Nursing Homes

The news keeps getting worse for Golden Living, which operates thirty-six skilled nursing facilities in Pennsylvania. Golden Living is defendant in an action filed by the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office. Complaints in that matter were filed in July and September 2015. The amended complaint can be found here.

That action alleges, among other things, that continent residents were left in diapers because they could not be helped to go to the bathroom. Residents were left in dirty diapers, were not properly repositioned, were not properly cleaned or dressed, did not receive proper exercises, and were not provided all meals. The facilities are alleged to be understaffed, with increases in the number of staff during state inspections. It is also alleged that records are falsified under direction or fear of management.

It is now being reported that, at an October 22, 2015 inspection of a Golden Living facility in East Pennsboro Township, Pennsylvania, maggots were found in a patient’s feeding tube.

For those of us who practice in the area of nursing home abuse, this conduct is not surprising. For individuals who support tort reform, it is important to keep these situations in mind. As we limit the ability of victims to bring lawsuits against facilities like Golden Living, we increase the likelihood that this conduct will continue.


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